PROFESSOR GUMBY was raised by American expats in the middle of a large, sandy desert on the far side of the world. At a tender age he was introduced to his mother country via its most typical and representative city, Las Vegas, Nevada. Here he began uttering the kind of language that we edit out of his posts nowadays. Currently he lives in the southern U.S. where he spends a lot of time looking at trees.

HERMAN MELVILLE FIDGE is a native of south Texas where he still resides, surrounded by a surprising number of unreconstructed hippies. He spends a lot of his time trying to get Gumby to write, and some of it trying to get Gumby to stop writing.

Gumby and Fidge hold forth in this space because it’s free and no one has tried very hard to stop them, or at all really. Mostly they reminisce about the Olden Days.

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